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UPDATE March 2015!

Happy Baby LillyBaby Lilly is now 6mths old and I call her my wee chuckle face! A very happy baby and a pleasure to babysit for. She loves dogs and gets very excited when she sees my 3!



UPDATE 5th JAN 2015

Of course baby Lilly upcycled babyhas grown somewhat since I first posted this! She is doing all the normal things you would expect a baby to do, eating, sleeping and creating a lot of washing. At nearly 5 mths her personality is starting to show and I’m sure you can identify with that besotted phase we all go though with babies.




A short post today to celebrate the birth and the inspiration for this website, the Upcycled Baby has finally arrived!

New baby Lilly

Lilly Anne is granddaughter 2 for me, (granddaughter 1 is 13yrs and there’s no way she’d model upcycled clothes for me!) Lilly was born yesterday (AUG 27th 2015) at 11.38am and weighed in at 8lb.12oz. This is her visiting me 5 hrs later, they really do turf them out of hospital quickly these days!

Lilly Anne will be a model for my upcycled clothes so I hope she doesn’t mind lots of dress changes. She has a bit of a “no nonsense” look about her so not sure how her modelling career will pan out! It’s so exciting to be a Granny again, watch this space for updates on her modelling progress.

upcycled babyHer latest modelling assignment was in this baby Christmas dress, still a little bit big but I think she looks cute none the less!



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  1. My goodness, what a little angel! She seems to quite enjoy modeling. Terrific site, Kathy. Sewing is increasing in popularity all the time and upcycling is perfect in this day and age.

    • I think my upcycled baby is a little angel Liz, not sure if I’ll still be saying that when she’s 2 yrs old! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and you’re right, more people are seeing the benefits of sewing. Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂

  2. Going to be the best dressed bub in Scotland.

  3. Oh there she is, little cute-button! Congratulations grandma, can't wait to see her wearing the pretty chlothes!

    • Thank you, I can’t wait either! I’ve been asking her Mum when I can babysit but she’s only 3 days old so guess I’ll have to be patient. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful picture of you both – and what a lucky baby Lilly Anne is to have such beautiful clothes to wear!

  5. Janette Hotchkiss says

    Lilly Anne will be a star! …. Look forward to all your updates. Good Luck! xxx

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