Bernina 330 Review


Bernina 330 Review

I am a HUGE fan of Bernina sewing machines and still use one that was made in 1969, the Bernina Record 730. Bernina is still a family run business who build their own quality machines. This is my Bernina 330 review, a domestic sewing machine and part of the Bernina 3 series. It has an array of great features and is also seen on the popular “Great British Sewing Bee” tv programme.

Functions and Features


  • Bernina 330 LCD DisplayBright, easy to read LCD Screen.
  • The CB Hook is a patented Bernina system based on the oscillating hook system, great for perfect stitches on all types of fabric and suitable for thicker threads.
  • 97 different stitches to choose from:
  • 15 utility stitches
  • 3 cross stitch programs
  • 23 decorative stitches
  • 3 stitches for quilting
  • 1 one-step buttonhole
  • 1 alphanumeric font
  • 30 memory locations to save your stitch creations. Your favorite or most used combinations of stitches are available at the push of a button.
  • Needle plate has seam guide etched in.
  • Drop feed ideal for free motion quilting and embroidery.
  • Free arm for those awkward places such as cuffs and hems.
  • Bernina 330 automatic needle threaderBuilt in needle threader, a nifty function that will save you time!
  • The stitch length and width are adjustable.
  • 9 different needle positions.
  • Automatic and manual buttonhole and comes with the buttonhole presser foot. Buttonholes are my nemesis and this function, because it is automatically saved means, all your buttonholes are identical!


Watch this video and see how easy it is to do a buttonhole on your Bernina B330.

  • Quick reverse button
  • Start/stop button
  • The speed control easily lets you adjust your speed to suit the sewing project you’re doing.
  • Bernina 330 LED light2 spool holders.
  • Thread cutter.
  • Fast 900 stitches per minute.
  • Programme for sewing on buttons.
  • Needle up/down stop positions.
  • Bright LED light.
  • Ability to change the stitch settings while sewing.
  • Bobbin winding can be done while sewing.



And here is another video to show the simplicity of the Bernina 330 by doing applique.

Standard Accessories

  • 4 metal bobbins
  • 5 Presser feet
    • ThenReverse pattern foot for sewing forward and reverse utility and decorative stitches.
    • The overlock foot lets you overlock seams easily and neatly.
    • The buttonhole foot determines the desired buttonhole length for identical sized buttonholes.
    • The zipper foot with slide with its narrow, centrally positioned toe, it can stitch very close to the zipper coils.
    • The blindstitch foot lets you sew so you can hardly see the stitching from the front.
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Lint brush
  • Owner’s manual


Optional Accessories

There is a range of optional accessories available for the Bernina 330:

  • Embroidery presser foot.
  • Tailor tack presser foot.
  • Jeans presser foot.
  • Darning presser foot.
  • Edgestitch presser foot.
  • Cordonnet presser foot.
  • Bulky overlock presser foot.
  • Straight stitch presser foot.
  • Braiding presser foot.
  • Button presser foot.
  • Free motion presser foot.
  • Appliqué presser foot.
  • Braiding presser foot.
  • Cording presser foot.
  • Gathering presser foot.
  • Pintuck presser foot.
  • Invisible zipper presser foot.
  • Roller presser foot.
  • Piping presser foot.
  • Eyelet embroidery attachment
  • Circular embroidery attachment
  • Plexiglass extension table (included in this package).



As you would expect with a Bernina machine, I struggled to find any.

Including some extra feet given the price bracket would have made it a better purchase. I’d like to have seen the walking foot included, probably one of the more essential items in a sewers armoury!

Perhaps more expensive than some, like the Singer 7258 but you do get the superior quality of the Bernina brand.


The Bernina 330 produces excellent stitches, hard to find at this price. It’s light enough to be portable, great for taking to sewing groups and friends. I like the all round functionality, the ability to embroider, quilt and dress make. The machine is simple to set up and suitable for beginners through to advanced sewers.


I love this machine and there is that old say “you get what you pay for!” With Bernina you are buying a quality, made to last sewing machine, the pros far outweigh the cons.

If you liked what you’ve read in this Bernina 330 review you can pop over to Amazon!

Buy the Bernina B330 Domestic Sewing Machine + FREE Extension Table!

About Kathy Russell
  1. Hi Kathy … I am looking to replace my Bernina 807 which has been a wonderful workhorse for me, but now needs multiple repairs and parts. I won’t part with it, but am considering a replacement … would you know whether the 330 model is comparable? Thanks!

    • Kathy Russell says

      I love the Bernina’s and have an old 730 myself! I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t think any of the modern machines are as sturdy and reliable as the old ones.
      Having said that, the 330 is an excellent machine and a good replacement. It has more functionality than my old machine and I love the automatic buttonhole feature.
      So my answer is, yes, it is comparable, just don’t expect the smoothness and robust feel you get with your older model. 🙂

  2. This is an amazing review of the Bernina 330 ! My mother is an elderly lady and her sewing machine that she has used for over 45 years has finally bit the dust. I wanted to get her a new “updated” more “modern” one. I showed her some examples, and also this article. She was AMAZED how technology has even conquered something as small as a sewing machine. She said she would be too scared to use it!! Great stuff!

    • Some of the modern sewing machines are very technical, but I do know Bernina make basic sewing machines that are easy to use. Most manufacturers, in fact, have a basic model and, if you choose a good brand you’ll get a quality sewing machine your Mother would be able to use. 🙂

  3. Hi Kathy,
    First off, let me hasten to say I am not a good seamstress ! 🙂
    However, I do have many fond memories of the days on the farm while I was growing up, and heard my mom on the Singer machine busy sewing or mending our clothes.
    She started off with the basic hand model, and later upgraded to the foot pedal type.
    Is sewing an art form or a skill that has declined over the last years in your opinion ?
    Let me congratulate you on your site, and wish you everything of the best for the future.

    • Sewing did decline Theuns, but has been making a big comeback in recent years. What wonderful memories to have, mine of of my Gran mostly hand sewing. She was never able to afford a sewing machine so would borrow one occasionally for big sewing projects like making curtains.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

  4. My Gran and Grandad had an old Singer sewing machine. One of the really old classics with the pedal starter. She threw it out. Obviously she was really silly because she didn’t know the actual cost of the thing!

    Anyway, my Mother in law loves to sew so I’ll be directing her to this site as soon as I see her! Lovely website you have here, and very detailed!

    • Such a shame Raymond, so many people have thrown away these quality sewing machines without realising the cost. Bernina still make quality sewing machines I’m pleased to say and the Bernina 330 is no exception! Thanks for leaving a comment and I hope your Mother in law enjoys her visit. 🙂

  5. wow, this looks like an amazing machine! I have an old Bernina that my grandma gave me, it is from the 70’s. It works really well but I need to get a new bobbin for it. I love that machine.

    I make up-cycled sweaters with a serger because I love that it cuts and finishes the edges.

    • I have a 70s Bernina too! Which model do you have, mine is the Record 730? Bernina really do make quality machines, still a family run business too.

      I haven’t upcycled any sweaters yet but I have a serger, thanks for the idea Andrea!

  6. I can’t say I know anything about sewing but I do know people who sew! Your site would be a great for them to visit if they needed to know about any of the extra accessories they could get with their sewing machine. Or if they are looking to buy a new one.

    Great page and very informative!!

    • Well it’s always best to do your research before buying any sewing machine and the Bernina 330 is a quality machine. If you ever do decide to take up sewing, it’s a great way to create a unique look for yourself, especially if you upcycle clothes and fabrics!

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